Visit Le Château de Cognac, Historical Monument, Home of BARON OTARD and D'USSE Cognacs, through our Experiences.

At the Heart of D'USSE - 35€/pers.

An architectural masterpiece of Gothic and Renaissance inspiration, Le Château de Cognac opens its doors to reveal its history and some of the secrets behind the production of its Cognacs. At the end of the tour, you will be introduced* to the art of tasting in an unusual way: in the dark, blindfolded. *For people of legal drinking age only

At the Heart of the Château - from 18€/pers.

The tour begins in the historic part of the Château and then moves on to the Château cellars. At the end of this visit, our ambassadors will offer you different options for tasting* our cognacs. *For people of legal drinking age only

Princes of Cognac - 95€/pers.

Become an actor of an exclusive and authentic experience by putting a prestigious cognac in glass bottle*. From the bottling to the personalization of the label, the visitor takes with him a unique and incomparable souvenir and leaves its mark in the historical register of the Château. *For people of legal drinking age only

Cellar's Secrets - 75€/pers.

Accompanied by your ambassador, follow in the footsteps of the Cellar Master and explore the renaissance rooms and the King’s apartments, which are usually closed to the public. Different qualities of VSOP, XO and EXTRA BARON OTARD cognacs will be extracted directly before your eyes*! *For people of legal drinking age only